Barstarzz BTX Calisthenics Program: An HONEST Review & Inside Look!

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I recently invested in the Barstarzz BTX 3.0 program and am quite impressed by everything it has to offer.  The full program is 12 weeks total, with each 4-week period a different "level" of exercise difficulty.  Here's a quick breakdown of the program:


Level 1: The Strength Builder

The first level of the program is perfect for calisthenics beginners.  It starts you off with basic exercises like push-ups, burpees, bodyweight rows and negative chin-ups.  Don't worry if you can't do pull-ups.  The program is designed to get you from square one to doing pull-ups like a pro.  These first 4 weeks are all about whipping you into shape and getting you ready for the more advanced calisthenics yet to come.


Level 2:  The Muscle Stacker

In the second level of the program you start challenging yourself with push-up/pull-up super sets, frog stands, L-Sit kick-outs and more.  The volume also increases slightly so you're doing more reps and sets (this will increase the pump and help build mass). In this phase of the workout plan you'll start to work on more advanced skills as well, such as front lever and planche progressions.


Level 3:  The Game Changer

The program really starts pushing your limits in this phase.  Advanced exercises like pseudo planche push-ups and archer pushups are added, plus the workouts get longer so the volume increases even more.  You start working on back lever progressions and continue with planche progressions as well.  By the time you finish level 3, your body will be truly transformed.  Expect noticeable changes in your physique and many impressive intermediate skill accomplishments.


And... There's More!

In case the 12-week program outlined above isn't enough, the Barstarzz BTX 3.0 bundle also comes with a workout and exercise library that will keep you busy for months and years to come, skill challenges you can compete in via Instagram, and... and...  (yes, there's still more)... there's even a nutrition guide for those of you who are looking to improve your diet to help optimize your results.  

Overall, I have to say I'm throughly impressed with the BTX program.  It delivered a lot more than I expected. 

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