What Is No Gym Necessary?

NGN is a website dedicated to connecting newcomers to all the best calisthenics information.  On this site you'll learn how to get started with bodyweight fitness and build muscle mass, develop strength and learn skills.  

I Already Do Calisthenics. Can I Still Benefit From Your Website?

Yep. Even those who are already well into their calisthenics journey will be able to find use of the content on this website.  

I’m A Beginner At Calisthenics. Can You Help Me?

Absolutely!  This site is aimed towards beginners who are looking for a great starting point to launch their progress in calisthenics.  Start with one of the recommended books and dive right into the free guide!

Can I Lift Weights While Doing A Calisthenics Program?

Yes.  Weight lifting and bodyweight fitness are NOT mutually exclusive.  You can do both if you want to.  Just keep in mind that they are both forms of resistance training and you need to allow proper rest times to recover from each.